Toneelhuis is one of the three large municipal theatres in Flanders. The artistic core of Toneelhuis consists of two theatre collectives and three individual artists: FC Bergman (Stef Aerts, Thomas Verstraeten, Marie Vinck, Joé Agemans), Olympique Dramatique (Tom Dewispelaere, Stijn Van Opstal), Lisaboa Houbrechts, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and Gorges Ocloo.

As of 2022, Toneelhuis is not only an artist-driven but also a collectively-run organisation.The permanent members of the company share its artistic direction and are responsible for all aspects of its artistic policy. This collective leadership of a big theatre is unique, even from an international perspective. With its intergenerational, diverse and collective leadership, the company plays a pioneering role internationally.

With the Bourla, Toneelhuis has a classic nineteenth-century theatre in the heart of Antwerp at its disposal, and with the Kambala, an industrial building on the periphery of the city, it has a second, smaller platform that also houses the set and costume workshops. The city and its rich cultural melting pot are an important artistic breeding ground.

Toneelhuis is contributing to UNLOCK THE CITY! with site-specific projects of artists Thomas Verstraeten and Bart Van Nuffelen / MartHa!tentatief.


Komedieplaats 18, 2000 Antwerpen



Along with Stef Aerts, Joé Agemans and Marie Vinck, Thomas Verstraeten (°1986) is a member of the FC Bergman theatre company, which has been affiliated with Toneelhuis since 2013. Since September 2022, FC Bergman is part of the collective artistic leadership of Toneelhuis. Apart from his activities with FC Bergman, Thomas Verstraeten has a solo art practice that navigates the border between performing arts and visual art. His projects are ambitious, rooted in urban public space, and reveal his fascination for the wonderful, messy ways in which people organize their lives, singly or collectively. 

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Bart Van Nuffelen (°1973) is a director, writer and podcast maker. Over the years he has worked with his mates from the Martha!tentatief theatre company on a series of shows about ‘the untameable city’, such as De Vernissage, 175+, Polen op zondag and de Fietsendief, in coproduction with Toneelhuis. He additionally made the highly praised children’s shows Dinska Bronska and Dounia B. Together with Lucas Derycke and Martha!tentatief, he recently presented a podcast about the Jewish quarter in Antwerp, De kunst van het verdwijnen (The Art of Disappearing). 

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