What are the geographical and human confines that currently define our urban lives? In the wake of the pandemic, what relationship has formed between “closed” and “open”? Between the slow pace of nature and the variability of the urban landscape?

UNLOCK THE CITY! is a project supported by Creative Europe Program and developed by an international network of theatres, academies and universities, to reflect on how performing arts, combined with scientific research, can become a tool for rethinking the landscape of the post-pandemic city. Four cities Antwerp (BE), Barcelona (ES), Milan (IT) and Piatra Neamt (RO) will be involved in an extensive program of research activities and didactic courses, as well as the creation of 12 theatrical productions assigned to 10 European artists called on to examine the concept of “limit” (social, physical, cultural, etc.) in the urban context.

The aim of UNLOCK THE CITY! is to generate qualitative and perceptive growth - in terms of habitability, accessibility and sustainability - of urban spaces, as well as to contribute to active awareness-raising within and the empowerment and involvement of territorial communities, organisations and public administration.